How Veolia has teamed up the Staffordshire County Council to increase recycling

In celebration of International Compost Week, Veolia in partnership with Staffordshire County Council have produced an animated film reminding residents across the county how to recycle garden waste. 
Garden waste, such as grass cutting, leaves and hedge trimmings can be recycled in three different ways.  The options are, using a home composting bin, taking the waste to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre and lastly using the garden waste wheelie bin for collection by the local council. 
Steve Mitchell Veolia Director Midlands West said: Through our partnership with Staffordshire County Council we are encouraging the residents of Staffordshire to become green gardeners.  The very short animation explains in a simple way the three ways residents have to deal with their garden waste.  By following this simple message residents can turn garden waste into a useful green commodity."
Staffordshire County Council’s communities leader Gill Heath said “Our efforts to reduce waste and recycle more across the county continue and International Compost Week gives us another opportunity to remind people how important it is now and for future generations. This video is a quick reminder of the options for recycling your garden waste. Composting, especially at home is a great way to turn garden waste into a valuable food for plants. It can save money too by reducing the need to buy compost.”