World Environment Day

Veolia and Staffordshire County Council join forces to create household recycling short film.

In recent months we have been reminded once again about the importance of recycling plastic in particular. Just one year’s worth of the UK’s un-recycled plastic bottles would reach around the world 31 times covering just over 780,000 miles.
Veoila and Staffordshire County Council have joined forces to produce this short film which highlights what can be recycled from around the home.
Steve Mitchell, Veolia Director Midlands West said, “To mark World Environment Day we are asking the residents of Staffordshire to recycle as much as they possibly can. The short film we have produced with Staffordshire County Council reminds us all of what can be recycled from around the home. We want residents to think before they bin! If we can all recycle a little bit more, it will go a long way to reducing the amount of unrecycled plastic in our environment.”
Councillor Gill Heath, Councillor for Communities said “Staffordshire people are recycling more and more household items mostly through their doorstep collections and also increasingly at our household waste recycling centres. We hope that through this short film we can raise awareness of all types of recyclable items, further increase recycling rates and help us to achieve our goal of zero waste to landfill in Staffordshire.”

The animation can be viewed by clicking here.